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Note Taking Rant

July 3, 2016

OK sorry; so here’s a rant:

Having moved from windows to using Linux mint for my work; the first thing I started to do (and got frustrated with) is to find a decent note taking tool on Linux something that’s equivalent to Evernote client on Windows.

I simply couldn’t find something the does exactly what I wanted it to do; a tool which:
a) Works on Mint Petra !!
b) Provides easy  search functionality
c) Allows multiple level of folder hierarchy
d) Keep syntax highlighting out of the box
e) Allows images

basically what I was looking for something like Evernote … and please don’t make be tempted to use Evernote online !!!!

My primitive trail of note taking tools:

Springseed – Clean interface like the Dropbox sysnc option | no search, Notes not formatted well in preview mode and sometimes lose their formatting; flaky
Everpad – Not even close |  again no easy search  | trouble keeps notes synced where deleted notes start appearing
NixNote – Clutter fuck; I don’t want to even begin with what’s wrong with this; very disappointing
Tomboy – Very primitive but did what I wanted it to do
Notecase pro – Not free


Ps Hubmle apologists if you worked on any of these projects or liked those; I mean no offense really; just wanted something that suited my needs.

Rant over !!!


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